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I was locked into my spy mode, but had responded to DrGarcia’s call for audio clips to support the recent Schwartz Institute Seminar on DIY Radio :

I was already on the run from the city and could not attend the session; sadly I heard my audio volume was a bit on the low side to use, so I wanted to make sure I was heard (I boosted the levels, sorry for not checking it GNA).

ds106 radio from CogDog

The archives of the full session are available

DIY Web Radio, Part 1 of 2 from BLSCI on Vimeo.

DIY Web Radio, Part 2 of 2 from BLSCI on Vimeo.

Curse the search for the Center of the Internet, I missed an amazing session!

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  1. LOgged into DS 106 radio for the first time this morning–OMG who’s choosing the music? I love it! Although it just went silent? Wht happened?
    I heard you say you will have…was it Gardner Campbell? on later today…
    I wanna play! Saw your challenge for an hour long show, but I am interested in voice…(local arts review radio talk show co-host on stories, poems, whatever…maybe ten minutes at a time. Should I prerecord or just go on air? How do I grab the mike? THIS IS INSANE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

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