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Where Everything Happens (including aquaponics)

From the “what was once extraordinary is now obvious” department….

Do we marvel enough at how often we say “I found it on the internet” and it is no big deal? That is what my friend Harry smiles and says at the end of this video- he found the plans for his aquaponics graden on the internet “where everything happens”.

What’s Aquaponics? The answer is where everything happens.

This was a visit I made to see his project, a setup that uses a recirculating system that migrates waste from fish to provide nutrients to vegetables growing hydroponically, and the outflow of that going back to feed the fish.

That alone is a beautiful ideas (as are the vegetables), but take that analogy even farther, to that virtuous flow of information.

Don’t ever let it be swept away. Do not let a future happen where future parents will lament about loss of the internet they knew as kids, where there is not this open place where everything happens.

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