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Here’s my call/plea for some flickr photo tagging help. You won’t have to think too much. If so, go back and have more turkey.

On November 29, I am doing a storytelling sessiong for the PLP Connect project in Melbourne, Australia– (1) Thanks Sheryl for offering me the gig, (2) thanks Will for not being able to travel so #1 could happen. My main qualifications might be a pony tail 😉

Anyhow… their event is wrapping some activities around an ARG story of Periwinkle the Penguin, who seems kind of meek– Peri finds him/her facing a boxing match with a tough Aussie, Joey the ‘roo.

I’m doing a 90 minnute interactive session based on 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story, and am designing some activities built around these characters- namely part of it will be creating the background of these 2 personas- what do we know about Peri and Joey? What in their childhood shaped they way we see them in that video? Why are they the way they are? Who/what influenced them?

Two of the activities will be using Five Card FLickr and pechaflickr.

You can help by tagging some photos that could be used as prompts for this, think about scenes, objects, things, plces that might be related to the childhood of a stuffed penguin and/or a kangaroo 9ok, use some wild imagination).

Just tag ’em plpconnectu and add to the flickr stream

If you want to go the bonus round, give a 5 Card whirl to create a story that might get at the character building of Peri or Joey — See some examples

I am planning some ways for my internet friends to play along with the activities- look for some keynote tweets- my session is Tuesday Nov 29, 11:45 AM in Melbourne (check for local time– e.g. Monday 7:45pm PST).

But please, tag, please? tags are pretty and make my tools hum.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Cláudia*~Assad

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