Tomorrow is the 365th day of the year. If I was a perfectionist, I’d be distraught over having missed 15 days out of my 2011/365 photos. Nah. I spent a few nights going back and picking ones I had posted and had forgotten to add to my set. I fixed a few that were mis-numbered, and looked past the fagges where I managed to have 2 from the same day.

But my set is almost done- one more to go

This is the fourth year of this goal; maybe at some point I might go back and see what has changed, but without a doubt, making this commitment has made photography something I enjoy working at on a regular basis.

This notion is something I played on twice this year in a few talks of “Looking Through the Lens” where I talk about the approach of getting better at something by keeping at it on a regular basis, and using photography as a metaphor for learning.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

So 2012 is just about 25 hours away, what will happen? I will again be doing a photo a day. I wil update the flickr group set up in 2008– which now has 700 members. And toss a thanks to D’Arcy Norman, who challenged me to take it one, even if he does not feel like doing it anymore.

My camera is ready.

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  1. Alan… A big thank you from me for managing, however so lightly, this group and responding to the early questions I had three years ago. I agree with you about getting better by repetition. I feel my eye for seeing potential has been sharpened. It a real pleasure following others, like you, in the group and having had a chance to meet some of these virtual persons in person.

    In early December last year I was hospitalized and had no idea how I would maintain my daily shooting and it was because of encouragement from some members that I carried on with the challenge. Viewing others photos every day and communicating with others over Flickr mail was inspiring.

    Again… Thanks!

  2. I thought I was the only one getting those numbers mixed up! Good to know I’m not alone.

    So glad to hear you’ll continue the daily shoot (oops) project. You certainly were an effective trigger for my taking up an old love for photography that had been hibernating for too long.

    I wish you peace for this New Year. I wish you the smiles that are necessary to bind you to the present moment.

    On a more selfish side, I hope 2012 brings us face to face to carry on with the conversation, the shooting, the stories…

    Take care,


  3. Alan,
    So let me clarify…you post your daily shoot…where? A separate blog? You seem to be talking about a Fickr group? I got the curate and share bits but need help with your narration, please!
    Oh, and please tell Santa thank you for the blow by blow gif directions. I have Photoshop and hope to be able to follow them. No web 2.0 ap, though? Only old school? Not to whine, Santa, but jeesh!

    1. Sandy,

      This is not really the dailyshoot, which is something where you get a specific assignment every day (we are recasting it for ds106).

      The dailyphoto effort is something people undertake just to do photography every day and post their work to flickr. They pick one to be their most representative, and share it with the 2012/366 group

      A far as Web 2.0app, I am not sure what you are seeking. There are somethings worth doing old school to understand the process; many apps can create animated gifs (there are iPhone apps as well).

      Start your photos

  4. Oooooh! That sounds like fun! I shoot all the time anyway. Big red lobster on my plate last night, for example!
    I want a web 2.0 ap that will help me make an awesome gif that will impress all my friends and not involve intellectual heavy lifting! Okay, that’s the grumpist thinking of a teacher whose mind is still on vacation and who is doing a lot of “boketto” (which is the word I blogged).

    Tomorrow, I’m so over that as I reengage the resistant gears. I’ll oil them with some PS giffiness!

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