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Jim has already been dropping teasers but if he blogs, then it’s official. It’s been a year since the first open course version of Digital Storytelling (ds106) at the University of Mary Washington and in 2012 it’s going to DEFCON 1.

Yep, you read it there- ds106 is open and you better get yourself geared up to be part of the action. And get this…

I am officially teaching a section! After having the chance to participate from the internet fringes last year they are actually going to hand over a group of students to my care– which means I am calling on all of my internet connections to be part of this.

I’ll be vague about the logistics, but Jim is teaching one section at UMW and I am taking on another. This is in addition to likely another stellar round at CUNY by MBS (how Roawn Peter always referred to Michael Branson Smith) as well as the man of The Dfinite Article, The Scottlo, from Japan.

ds106 is spreading like a creative virus. And you shall by infected too.

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Be prepared. Get your blog ready. Warm up your animated gif. Get ready for some MacGuffing. Prepare to mash up audio, video. Get ready to be doing something creative every day. Or just the days you need it. That’s the thing about ds106, you can get as much out of it as you like, with no remorse. “Sorry I did not have time” is for those other MOOCs.

Do you need a mask? No, but if you feel like it will help, go ahead and mask up but always take your cameras.

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And head over to Jim’s blog (because he needs hits to puff up his ego) and fill out the form to get your blog into the ds106 mix.

And I could not be more stoked then to have an opportunity to teach ds106- screw SOPA and all of the forces out there conpsiring to take away your creativity- we are going to strap on our radiation glasses and blast the internet with art, damnit!

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  1. Hey Sandy,

    Does this mean you’ll be having LCC students doing ds106 stuff next semester? I hope so.

    I’d love to see a triple troll quote with Andrea Ortiz, Richard Lavivirie, and “Big” John McCahill.

    1. Not yet…I’m not in your league yet…but I’m working on it! I’m looking to DS 106 a cohort of faculty Fall 2012 ; meanwhile, I’m scrambling to get my skills up to speed. Unlike MBS’s student Samson the Awesome, I didn’t get to take video editing in the eighth grade– do these kids know how lucky they are?
      I mean I’m definitely on board for the Spring sailing of the Good Ship DS 106…

  2. I’m already floating the idea to my tech team of a DS conference at Lane circa 2013, so we’re en rapport.
    Btw @ Jim Groom and MBS, my colleague Ian Coronado flew an Intro to Media Arts class alongside DS 106 last fall and will be again, I think.

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