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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go On the Internet…

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There are monsters out there, zombies, vampires, aliens, amrching your way, dargginth eir limbs, dribbling their gob, hoisting their sharp implements… What will you do when ds106 knocks at your door? will you just mutter “It’s only a MOOC, it’s only a MOOC…”

“You’ll wish it were only a MOOC.”

“The assignments are driving him crazy.”

“Sometimes GIF is better.”

“ds106 doesn’t take no for an answer.”

“Sooner or later they will McGuffin you.”

“If you’re going to blog the truth, make sure it stays published.”

“You’ll wish art was only make believe.”

“Your every fear “” all in one deadly course.”

“…and remember, the next mashup you hear may be your own!”

“Be reflective. Be very reflective.”

Quotes lifted and recrafted from Match the Scary Movie With the Tag Line! (BuzzSugar)

What kind of ds106 horror image can you generate? Here is my extension of the Illustrate 106 assignment using this as an example.

106 Horror!
Create or modify an image of the number 106 that is in the genre of a horror movie. Make 106 seem scary and ominous.

The assignment tag for this is VisualAssignments309 and the assignment link is at

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