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Keep the Lease, ok? (Cropped Sign Story)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

No one wanted to acknowledge that the Earbird family might stop running the Rook that had been a fixture on the streets of Fort Perry for three generations. Where would people go to replace their worn bishops or chipped pawns, or get the new copy of Chess Illustrated? Nowhere but the ‘Rook. And the weekly challenge matches that still packed the sidewalks on Saturdays– where could this go?

But the Bradford clan that owned half the property in town had plans to install a new shop for pokies, claiming that “chess was for old birds and demented dweebs.” (Chester Bradford was feared for his power and influence, not for his literary accumen).

Who would stand up for the Earbirds? They lived in one of the most run down houses in town, owned no cars or fancy clothes, all they had they poured nito the rook.

Who would help the Earbirds keep their lease?


This is another attempt at getting a blog post out, after a lull– no at doing a cropped sign story– a ds106 assignment I tossed out last May with the first example of Anti Tennis Radicalism.

The original sign in this case read:

Seabird Rookery
Please Keep Out

It’s not the greatest assignment, but I think of it every now and then. Yesterday was then.

Here’s the thing, a few people have done some neat examples by re-creating signs with new elements– I like it, but its not the spirit I wanted in this one- the only editing you should do is cropping the photo, either when taking or in post, but this is creating by the simplest act of deletion or framing.

What can you do to a sign to crop it in a photo, suggest a new meaning, and write a story?

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