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The Wrong Thing to Boomerang

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Back in 2007, I had this insane cross country tour of Australia– a fantastic invitation, opportunity, and no second guessing it for a minute.. but it was done as a visit to every capital city in a 2 week time span.

I was working mad hours right up until I left, and it was my first weekend here, my first presentation stop in Hobart, Tasmania– when I came down with a cold. The show had to go on, so I presented, socialized, coughed my way around the country. i got a doctor’s housecall in Adelaide, and some scrips, and every possible suggestion for a cure, but the CogDogWog was strong:

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So on this current trip, it was my choice to return to Tasmania since I hardly saw it.

And damnit, wouldn’t you know it, last night I felt that deadly sore throat and cough come on, and I am full in the Wog. Again.

And again it won’t keep me down… too long. At least on this trip, my 2 weeks here are purely my time, no obligations except the ones I create.

I snoozed most of the drive back along the Great Ocean Road today–no, I am not driving, I might need a lot of assistance to do that:

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And in the I Cannot Believe What Americans Suffer for Quote unquote Health Care department…. my friend Jan took me to a local strip mall. I walked in, without insurance coverage, without an appointment, and was sitting in a doctor’s office within 5 minutes. He prescribed me an antibiotic (the visit cost me a whopping AU$35), I walked next door to a pharmacy, and within another 5 minutes had some antibiotics (it set me back US$17).

At home, where I pay a lot more for insurance, under the same situation, I might have to wait to see a doctor, I would have paid a $50 co-pay, I would have driven to a pharmacy, and paid another $35-$50 co-pay for the scrips.

If I were not feeling so crappy, I might try to find dome meaning in this.

Anyhow, its rest for 2 days, and hopefully soon get this freakin’ lampshade off my head and back to the real stuff.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the crud. Hopefully the meds will mend you up.

    It might be fine time remember what I’m told they say in Australia, “keep your pecker up!”

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