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Today (or technically yesterday since it is some early AM hour) would have been my parent’s 62nd wedding anniversary. Alyce and Morris (aka “Mickey”) look so serious in their pose here, though Dad, in his pseudi Desi Arnez style, seems to have a twinkle in his eye.

Yes it is sad to think they are both gone, but I am holding on to their memories living on if I retell the stories. I have some images I had scanned from the scrapbook my Mom had worked on- here they do look a bit more relaxed (after the ceremony?)

And this is the family photo on my Dad’s side- this is left to right my grnffather, Abraham (for whom I am named after, but never met), my grandmother who outlived everyone in this picture except for my Mom, Dad, Mom, and that is Dad’s younger sister Eve in front.

There is so much about these old photos that make them seem distant in time and place. The look, the clothes, the grain of the photo– this all says “Memories”. Will my digital photos now have that same dated look to some future person? Will on its own speak to this time? Hmmmm.

We had a bigger celebration in 2000 for their 50th anniversary; I remember laboring in Director to create a multimedia CD-ROM of photos and videos. I still have the discs though I need an old computer to play them anymore. That media does not hold up as well to time, but content on the web, in terms of being in standard media formats and HTML, are still accessible (c.f. tribute to Dad)

I so miss that time of assurance they would be there forever; that is how it felt, naive, not realistic, but can anything be more part of what you count on in the world than your parents– if you are fortunate as I was to have them in my lives, and supporting me always, unconditionally.

My conversations with Mom took on such a more fun and laugh filled mode in the last few years. I called Mom a year ago, and had a conversation like this.

“I’m just calling to share the memories of your anniversary, Mom…”

“Do you know what I was doing 61 years ago today, Alan?” she asks. “Your Dad and I were on te train to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon.”

“That’s nice Mom, was it a long trip?”

(We talked a bit more about some other things)

Mom comes back to her memories. “And do you know what happened 61 years ago tonight?”

I pause. Uh oh, where is she going with this?

“This was 61 years since the first time I had sex!”


We laughed so much. I miss that more than anything.

Happy 62nd Anniversary Mom and Dad, all I got you was a blog post.

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  1. Alan,

    This is so touching, honest, and unassuming. Thank you for sharing the story with us. I’m sure your parents would have loved (or do love) this gift from you very much!

    I’ve always wanted to tell the story of my parents (and their parents) in digital form as well, but it always seemed too big of a project. (There’s so much to tell… where do I begin?)

    You inspire me, @cogdog! :)

    1. I would do it in smaller pieces than try and tell it all (although I always have grand ambitions). One bit, maybe 5 minutes worth.

      i tend to work around the media I can find/use/create. If your parents are alive, then sit down and record some audio of them telling their stories (I have about an hours worth of this conversation with my mom from a few years back). I scanned a bunch of photos, but often I have to search on the net to find ones to use as metaphors.

      Of course it all begins with the story itself- just listen to it and let it unfold.

  2. Wonderful.
    This is one of my favorite methods to do digital storytelling, and you do it so evocatively.

    I also have a parent named Mickey, but different gender. Mickey/Mom (86 and kickin’) is short for Mildred Agnes, so you can see why the nickname!

    I love your funny and sweet use of dialogue.
    Way to use a weekend!

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