Week 3 of ds106 was full of action, from digging out of the rubble that hacker Emre5807 caused to working through the readings of Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0 and Bryan Alexander on Web storytelling. The flow of activity in The Daily Create has been impressive, especially now that we have our students in the mix.

I’m liking the bit of doing a weekly recap, as a way of mini reflection on what one did with these in a week.

TDC28 (Feb 5): Withut saying any words, make a 10 second ringtone with your voice
I had some ideas for this one, including trying to replicate the old sound of a modem, but Jim Groom’s kids were eager to help me out with this “Jungle Beat” recording (can you imagine kids not wanting to make noise into a microphone?)

TDC27 (Feb 4): Take a picture that represents or expresses something loud
Maybe I am relying on Jim’s kids too much, but they were pretty enthusiastic.


TDC26 (Feb 3): Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day you are having
This one was popular, with 67 photos submitted! I tried to capture the good feeling of being out on the sun, and with my hiking boots, I am thinking I should have been out on a trail. For this one, I made it more graphic using the ToonCamera app on my iPhone

Walking in Sunshine

TDC25 (Feb 2): Record the sound of something that gives you comfort or makes you feel safe
Comfort for me is going down the steps out getting outside, especially with all the great weather we have had since I got to Virginia

TDC24 (Feb 1): Make a creative photo silhouette by aiming the camera into a bright light
This assignment is meant to get you thinking about creatively breaking rules (“always keep your back to the sun for photos”). There was great direct light walking into campus; this light caught my eye, but I liked the complementary shape of the tree. The brightness blew out the whites, but it looks like a super nova.

TDC23 (Jan 31): Make a photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an object
Oops, I goofed up this assignment, I did the opposite, blurring the motion around Jim Groom.

DTLT Reality Disturbance Field

TDC22 (Jan 30): Take a photo of two objects of drastically different sizes
I did this one while still driving to Fredericksburg, but had seen the assignment early and was thinking about it as I noticed a lot of cell phone towers along I-81… then the connection occurred to me given I have used a Verizon mifi for my internet as I drove across country.

Wireless Transmitters

Woah, I am 7/7 this week.

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