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Fine art, indeed, this limited edition original painting is available for auction coming soon.

This is my bit for the Fat Cats Make Art Better ds106 assignment contributed by Annie Belle who is just rocking the class so far. The instructions, if you please…

Using this site: http://fatcatart.ru/category/klassy-ka/ as a platform for ideas, and using Photoshop (or something like it) as your tool, place a fat cat into a photo of a classic art piece. The goal is to make it convincing: make the art become on with the cat.

Most of all, enjoy! :0) And remember, fat cats make art better.

(Tags for this assignment are VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments334)

I use “classic art” in its most literal sense, for what gallery is not complete without a large painting of Dogs PLaying Poker?

For this one, I found the base painting on flickr (search “dogs poker” in compfight.com)

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by allspice1

and then it is rather easy to find photos of fat cats in the same place- here is my subject because he/she is posed in a poker position

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by AlyssssylA

In Photoshop, I positioned the cat in a layer above the base scene. I aplied the paint daubs filter to make it look a bit more textured. Then, I use the selection tool to grab the outline of the chair and table as areas, I flip back to the cat and use to delete so it appears behind key objects. Finally I added (rotated too) a few copies of this playing card to fill out the feline’s royal straight flush.

I am next thinking of a whole series of feline Velvet Elvises….

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  1. This is putting me on the floor with laughter!
    I was raised with this original dog playing poker image on some relative’s wall, so I know it well.
    The cat just makes me laugh!
    I appreciate your effort at some PhotoShop instructions, but I would love someone to do a screencast tutorial of the moves. I have never had a PhotoShop class, and while I vaguely understand the concept of “layers,” I don’t actually know how to do those moves you describe. I need something lower on the food chain.

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