(click for the full diagram in all its martian glory)

Inspired by Ben Rimes post today I wanted to take a spin at the ds106 Warning Design assignment:

Lots of things today have warning labels. Create warning labels for things that exist only in movies or your imagination

I felt that as a weapon of planetary destruction, the Illudium Q-36 Space Modulator wielded by Marvin Martian would definitely need some warning labels.

That thing is dangerous. The users manual is about 800 pages long. Marvin is lucky he does not blow his Martian head off.

The real device was rather simple, almost just a stick of dynamite. I did a google search on the device and landed on the complex device from a tumblr blog. Building this was just some PhotoShop layering. I placed the device at the center. For each callout, I just copied a selection, pasted to new layer, and resized. Then I overlaid the items with text or graphics.

Danger, Marvin, he lives dangerously.

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      1. I have lots of those too.
        But, I have been collecting ray guns and the likes atvgood will and the likes, I have taken them apart and made a base space gun that I can cast in Pewter, I can use the mold many times, then add working knobs & doles I can order more than one of, I think you get my drift, the Pewter gives it weight & shinny if I want,, it is easy & fullproof to drill and tap so files and such screw in and give a feeling of firmness.
        Still one bug to figure out, a working trigger insert as the cast will have a cavity where the trigger assembled will go.
        I want it to do something when one pulls the trigger and comes out the “barrel”
        Could use the tips of a Tazer to make a mini lightning bolt and put Cobalt on the tips to make it a vivid blue when current is passed through????

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