I was listening to ds106 auto DJ and came across the fun I had with Rowan Peter in Melbourne as he pleaded that George Siemens go down under yo go ice skating.

I recalled us conceptualizing the entire Canadian team (Downes, Siemens, and Cormier) to come perform a MOOCS on Ice show. This seemed to deserve a visual.

Rowan Peter Promotes Skate with George

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

For the graphic above, I had to do in Aviary, which actually provides a decent amount of editing (layers, selection tools).

And the reason for doing this? None worth mentioning.

Because I can.

Now, how do I make this a ds106b assignment?

UPDATE (Feb 4, 2012): Because Rowan Peter asked for it, I made this into a visual assignment “Play in the Big Leagues”:

It’s easy to idolize professional sports, its uniforms, its code language, its appearance of abilities above our ordinary lives. Create a visualize that inserts people you know into an image of a professional sports team or redesign a logi, jersey to represent the common person.

If you get on the ice with this assignment, and hopefully put it between the pipes, the tags are VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments338

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  1. Ha ha! I remember broadcasting my #SkateWithGeorge plea with you on DS106radio at the Icehouse! Good fun!

    Looking at that photo, I now notice that I was wearing my ‘G-for-George’ cap too!

      1. I wonder if the Play in the big leagues concept could be applied to other DS106 assignments. Other Play in the big leagues assignments could include:

        a writing assignment (fan fiction) could be written in the style of a sports review of a game your fictional team just played
        an audio assignment could be a recording of a live radio broadcast from a short sequence of play from a game your fictional team is playing.
        a design assignment where you design swap cards for each player of your team.

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