I’m setting up an example of how I might do my weekly recaps if I were a student in my ds106 class (cough) (cough). I am doing the same work my students are doing.

Daily Creates

Our task this week was to do one every day! I got 7 out of 7. These were challenging as at least two seemed to dwell on the past or required some making rather than taking of the photo- I ended up using old photo for the memorable moment, but re-processed it to make it different. My favorite is the bicycle shot0- the black and white provided by Silver Efex plugin really makes it pop.

Darn These *%£~ I Know It's in the Bag Dominoe Looking Across Texas Ride Long Tangled Up in White Request Mickey Tat

For these assignments

Visual Assignments

I completed 6 assignments out of the bank of Visual Assignments, for a total of 11 stars. I added 2 assignments and 1 tutorial to the site.

  1. Pre/Post Apocalyptic Moods for the Switch up the Mood assignment (2 stars). I am proud of this one as the images really have a different feel, and I wrapped a little story around the time stamps.
  2. Parent Dog Headswap for the Parent-Child Headswap (2 stars). This was just plain weird to look at, but it works, and I changed it up my using my dog instead of a child or parent. I canot say I enjoy looking at this!
  3. Photo It Like Peanut Butter (3 stars) for the assignment of the same name, one I also submitted to ds106. This is a riff of a previous assignment on animated GIFs with the difference of using one’s own photos to be the frames for the animation. I had done a number of these, but made a new one of the DTLT makerbot to use as a fresh example. I had already done the video anyhow, so putting this together was just a quick thing to do; I might give myself only 2 stars of credit.
  4. Crazy Kat Bread done for the Cat Breading Assignment (1 star) ds106 at its silliest, Jim was talking about this during his class, so I thought it would be fun to put HIM into a slice of bread and tweet it out. Sure it is a stretch to make this Cat Breading, so I returned to my file and gave Jim some whiskers, and learned some new techniques in layer effects.
  5. Comic Me Down Under for the Comic Book Effect assignment (1 star). I tried doing this one in flickr, using a photo of me from my November visit to colleague Rowan Peter in Australia. I did not really go all out n this one, just got it done.
  6. Splash Some Color for the Splash the Color assignment (2 stars) — one I made and added to ds106 myself, so this was my example to use when I submitted it. I am excited and proud that 42 other people have done this assignment! I enjoyed thinking of other photos to do the effect to, and I did a few more just to explore it.

There were a few more I wished I had tried.

Blog Posts I commented On

I have not been tracking these in any way, so went back to my Google Reader to find ones where I added comments. I am going to try Rosanna’s idea to use the star feature in reader from now on.

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