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This was from two weeks ago, still catching up on my back(b)log of audio reflections, back in my second week of being here at the University of Mary Washington teaching my section of ds106. I can give you a prelude that the next episodes pick up in spirit much more.

Slice of Life 11: The Sad Dog

I felt tonight’s class went well, but I am still not feeling the magic “it” of my teaching. Changing up the structure Monday worked out well, especially starting with a photo challenge to the students. I gave them 15 minutes to take and post a photo there images, a mini Daily Create:

  • picture of something ordinary made to look different
  • portrait of person showing emotion
  • converging lines

Defninitely the energy changed as the students got up and were active. My student’s photos are in the first half of the flickr tag stream, Between my class and Jim’s doing the same activity the next night, the students did 157 photos.

I also did a mini version of some previous talks on Photography, Through the lens slide show which is with other class materials at

It;s been rewarding to see the students do their daily create, producing the visual assignments, and my last 2 students got their wordpress blogs running. I was excited that one student had already created a visual assignment, and others were taking on doing doing tutorials.

Tonight, I had D’Arcy Norman come in and talk on Google Hangout about his approach to photography- he share a ton of useful, practical ideas.

I was disappointed that Kris Krug has stuck on a plane and unable to join us as planned.

I just wish my students had more questions! They are so reluctant. I struggle to draw them in — maybe I should ask them directly, doh- but as I am still getting to know them, I am unsuare even of 25% of their names.

The other thing I can do is change up the structure even more.

Good after class with 2 of students who are thinking about the assignments and doing thoughtful writing. No one has dropped, still at 26 students.

I am really liking this time walking home after class, debriefing, and getting a chance to reflect.


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  1. Hey Dawg,

    Haven’t listened yet. Will do as soon as I can find a free second or two.

    Just a quick comment based on the image of the class shown in your Vimeo from D’Arcy’s visit. If it were me, I’d move the back two rows of desks out in to the hallway or make them off-limits.

    Hell, I’d even consider nuking the whole row structure. I mean if we can put a man on the moon, we ought to be able find a more cordial way assemble our people in a shared space.

    Forgive my rant, I just discovered that somebody filled my Sanka jar with Nescafe. I had six cups before I realized I was no longer decaffeinated.

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