(cross posted from 106tricks.net just because I am so excited about tonight’s ds106 in class activity)

This is the result of tonight’s in class ds106 challenge. As we are starting audio, I did a little explanation of the role of the foley artist in film and radio.

Students formed 5 groups, and each group was charged with creating sound effects for a specified 30 second segment of Charlie Chaplin’s In the Lion’s Cage. They could use any props in the room or their own body. I played the video back with the sound muted, and asked the groups to perform the effects live.

The video above was edited to overlay the audio I recorded. They did pretty damn good for only have 15 minutes to plan their sounds.

My only small disappointment was a lack of a Willhelm Scream.

My thanks for Scott Lockman with whom a skype conversation the other night generated the idea for this activity.

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  1. Well done Alan. Sounds like the class had a good time working on this. So cool that you turn it in to a YouTube. It’s as though we were there.

    I’ll bet you weren’t kicking any leaves on the way home after this one. Hope to hear how it all went down – either as Skype or a slice.

  2. Very Cool, awesome choice of footage for this activity, have done similar things with different instruments and such, students really love this stuff

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