This past week’s Daily Creates
I seemed to have done more this week with my iPhone camera than my DSLR, and dod a bit more experimenting or playing with 2 apps – PhotoGene for editing and ToonCamera for making cartoon effects.

My Hand / Mi Tortilla
TDC 36: Good being served or eaten in unsual way

TDC 37: Toy in Action

2012/366/47 Never Too Old For Mediocre Pizza
TDC 38: Something that represents how old you feel

Big Metal Bird
TDC 39: Photo of a Bird

Stella(r) Art
TDC 40: Someone else’s art in a way that makes it yours.

Nifty Fifty
TDC 41: Most Prized possession

Flying For Fun
TDC 42: Photo representing a job

Design Assignments
This week’s goal was 15 stars worth of Design Assignments – my work is at, way over 15!

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