ds106 Propaganda posters— they seem to be calling from many places; I came across a great collection at Shorpy (another mint archive for visuals from the past). Hence a warning poster about ds106:

This one was rather easy to work with- the original poster was a warning against the dangers of syphilis:

The backgrounds of the text were pretty much solid, so it was a matter of picking some fonts from what I had installed in Photoshop. Bauhuas worked ok for the top headline. I did not find exact copies for the script font, so I used Savoye LET and the bottom text was using Marker Felt.

Heck I was tempted to leave the white cursive text as it was 😉

Once infected, .

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  1. Haha. I agree that you could very well have used the original symptoms. I would also add cold sores, caffeine overdose, and backlog of academic writing. 😉

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