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The title here has no real reference to anything I talk about, besides me babbling as I talk, walking in to campus on February 14 at the “crack of 10:00am”. The class is consuming me, and at least one person about there is wondering, “Will he ever blog about anything else?”.

Not this week.

Slices of Life 12: Team Celsius

I wanted to get one more back slice posted since the last few have been downers, so here is one with a bit ore upbeat tempo.

Last night’s class worked well, simply by changing up the flow a bit, and having more time of students doing things. This was the week we moved into Design Assignments and where again the students were charged with doing all daily creates for the 7 days.

Easy to focus on students who are not getting it or doing all the work, when there are more than enough who are doing good work- one even did a Design Assignment before class yesterday. I am really looking for ones who go above the minimum, really describe their process or idea, not just post a final piece.

Jim and I have started tracking Best of the student work in delcious stacks:

While I asking students to be active commenting, I am putting it on them to be able to demonstrate their activity (e.g. U am not counting though I am observing since I see every post). It my student Liz (I said wrongly another name in the audio) who shared the idea to star posts she commented on in google reader. Brilliant! I am using that myself.

In last night’s class, I briefly introduced elements of design (color, typography, symbols), then gave another in class challenge to find, photograph examples in class or hallway. A 15 minute challenge. I asked them to post to flickr ( but also to add them to a shared google doc I had set up for them to add notes to (the idea lifted from Cheryl Colan)

We then had Tim Owens do guest appearance via Skype (from bed!) to talk more about design- an archive with more class resources is at

For the last section, rather then me talk about the Design Assignments, I had students get into groups to discuss the available design assignments and which ones they might try.

Gotta find my own way to do the class, there is only one Jim Groom, and I have to come up with my own “act”. It is working good for us to be teaching in parallel, we share ideas, and talk about ds106… like all the time.

Playing on Team Celsius… went well this week.

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