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Funky Traffic is Better than Traffic Funk

It’s not quite the ds106 Speed Up Your Work Day assignment since I only grabbed 1 minute of video, but it was fun to play with speed up effects:

I grabbed this from the Dedon Road overpass of I-95 during yesterday’s bike ride. It would have been better if I had propped the camera on the edge, but I’m no a bit wary of dropping my iphone over edges. I had hoped for a shot that could seemlessly loop, but my positioning was not quite steady.

In iMovie, after detaching the audio, I sped the clip up 2000%, from 57 seconds down to 1, then simply copied the clip in the timeline and pasted it about 25 more times. It has the “dream” effect on the clip which gives it that burred edge look.

Following Lisa M Lane’s groovy movie idea, I went to the Internet Archive and found the funk in Ernie & The Top Notes Inc – Dap Walk.

I have no idea why I did this, but standing on that bridge, 25 miles down a country road, the rat race looked a lot more fun than the view in the car.

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  1. I think the lack of a perfect loop is a positive actually and could be taken advantage of as the repetitions at times match the pacing of the music.

    You could push that, and cut the the loop by assigning sampling parts to various musical samples.

    It’s really cool already as it’s almost like the notes of guitar hero passing by!

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