Time after time the road out of a blog funk is sitting down to make some silly ds106 art. So it was later this afternoon, when this tweet form Cathy Finn-Derecki set me in motion:


So challenged to put Sebastian Thrun on the cover of Tiger Beat, I got out the old Photoshop clone brush and went to work.

Now, one thing that gets me growling is when people send out a link via twitter with something like:

This would make a great assignment

Which to me is a bit lame- if it would make a good assignment, then go ahead and make it so, damnit. Just tossing a link out there is not to me.

So hence a new ds106 Design Assignment, On The Cover Of A Teen Mag

Take a popular figure from politics, education, that you would not expect to be there, on the cover of a teen fan magazine. Bonus points if the cover includes a heart throb of initials JB and a lot of pink color. Re-edit the text as well to blend them into the style of the magazine.

Now that I’m in motion, time to get some GIFfin going…

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