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Where is the cheese?

I really do not give a rats fart about operating systems. I’d rather know they were not even there, just like I do not dwell too much on the combustion of fuel inside my truck engine or how well the electrons are spinning in the flow that comes out of the outlet.

And I hate to be whinging about dealing with my operating system.

But whinging shall happen.

For reasons not worth listing here, I decided to move my photo management (I use Aperture, I love Aperture) from my UMW MacBookPro back to my personal one. The new MBP came of course with the then current OS, 10.7, Lion, and I was running Aperture 3.3.2. Just transferring the 20 Gb library (and how does my referenced image library get that bloated?) was a bit of a jump hoop. I started copying to an external HD, and it was crawling, saying it would take 3 hours over Firewire.

So I booted up the old laptop in Target mode (T at startup, a grand trick if you want to impress your friends), which allows it to act just like a hard drive, running a firewire cable between, I did a copy (it still took 30 minutes).


I had Aperture 3.2.2 on the old machine. Ran the update. To 3.2.4 Then I tried opening the app, and it told me “Aperture cannot open this library, it was created in a newer version of Aperture).

Between versions 3.2.4 and 3.3.2, a difference of 0.8 – I was hosed. I have no recourse, there is no downgrading the library, no conversion. $19.99 kaching.

I will leave out the hour of confusion on the older laptop when trying to connect to the App Store repeatedly gave me the helpful “Connection Failed” although I could log in to the iTunes Store. With a bunch of googling, plist and cache dumpings, flipping of permissions on my security certificates– the fracking App store still would not let me log in. In desperation, I tried what should have been the natural recourse.


That worked.

Now the app store borks with downloading the aperture update. Fortunalte, I am able to find that (500 Mb) download. It’s installing now.

I’m crossing paws to see if I will ever see my 4 years of photography again.

And after all that, I am in business!

So far, I cannot really see much dramatic difference in Mountain Lion, which to me is good. I want the cats to be quiet and not visible.

And yes, even with whinging, I’m still an AFB.

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