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We Don’t Pay For MOOCs

Thanks to Scott Leslie, I got inspired to remix a movie scene…

With a little iMovie audio overdub, here is a more relevant statement for what happens when you come into the ds106 bar with swaggering talK ’bout MOOCs. Fists are gonna fly. Cause ds106 ain’t no MOOC.

With a little digging, the movie is Mean Streets (1973) and that scene includes very young Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel.

If that really is your rallying cry… “We Don’t Pay For MOOCs” or “It’s Gonna Revolutionize Education” or “We Gotta Sign Up for Coursera” then take it down the block.

Get outta here.

You heard me.

Outta here.

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  1. When I first heard the acronym MOOC I kept thinking to myself “have none of these people seen Mean Streets?” But then, as fate would have it, it turned out to be an ironically apt appellation…

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