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Beyond the unpredictable outages from high usage of the ds106 web site (well not so unpredictable, Sunday evenings are common) students are not allowed “the web site is down” as an excuse.

Martha has already covered this from the last time we had bouts of this

and I followed up with some suggestions of how Google Reader can keep tabs of key class pages for you.

I thought of one other key way to get to ds106 web pages when the site is down. It begins with “G” and ends with “oogle” — google search saves cached copies of web pages, and all you need is some deftness at search terms, and access to the Secret Button.

So this is week 9 and let’s say the server is down. Well actually it was

If I have the awareness, I would know to try a search that includes “ds106” and say “week 9” . If you mouse over the result that matches the page you are looking for, behold the magic “>>” button that appears to the right. Mouseover that button and the cached page appears to the right along with a link that you can follow to view it:

(click to see all the magic secrets in a larger image)

With this secret comes great power, you can conjure up web pages from the dead!

Not even lack of ds106 web server, be not #4excuses

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