Today, Michigan was good for my 106 photographing, I got a store in Ann Arbor, a state highway into Jackson, and a milepost on I-94.

It was the latter, while I as broadcasting live to ds106 radio, that I got the idea to take a series of photos as the heavy traffic rolled by. Voila, Life on the Highway with ds106:

It just keeps going and going.

I got a second series just for grins. Which truck do you think is moving faster?

If I was a perfectionist I might try and tweak the sign in the first frame that seems to twist, but I left it as it makes in feel the traffic is puling the sign along.

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  1. This actually fits really well with the whole “video story problem” concept I’ve been trying to build up! Love that way you got the loop down perfectly!

    Thanks for taking some time out of your long road trip to chat yesterday, hope there’s plenty more 106 sign posts along the way.

  2. The top one’s frame rate is slower? It definitely looks more natural than the second, ‘faster’ one.

    I do love the wiggle in the 106 sign actually, it’s the rush of air from the truck that’s thrusting it outward. Crazy.

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