Cut Off from the Internet
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Since I’ve been home, I’ve not been able to get any AT&T signal on my iPhone- it was moderate signal, 2-3 bars, when I left in January.

They said service was weak here. NO SECRET, but also some towers were being reconditioned.

It makes little sense; I can drive 3 miles down the hil to Pine, AZ, and get 5 bars and 3G speed, but up here in Strawberry, it is when working 3 bars of Edge.

AT&T’s logo should be "No Service in More Areas"

There are towers just up the hill from me, I have seen them. But the town of Strawberry, at best has meager AT&T service.

My normal internet access comes from my Verizon, Mif (unlike AT%T Verizon has reliable 3G coverage here)i, but last night around midnight, it stopped being able to connect to the net. I spent an hour resetting, reconfiguring, testing; my computer would not even recognize the device by USB connection.

As a last ditch effort, I restarted my Mac, and surprise, it seemed to start working again.

I was getting the shakes at the idea of no internet!

(yes the red colors were photoshopped, it is part of a story!)

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