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I’m looking forward to doing a presentation this Friday at Scottsdale Community College on “Imptov-ing Yourself with Pechaflickr” and am hoping to have a few examples of how this improv tool is being used, be it for conference activities or (better yet) educational activities (I have your example, thanks Todd Conaway).

So if you have seen it in use, can you zip me some info via my snazzy custom form? If you don’t know what pechaflickr is, call it a fusion of pecha kucha with random images from flickr, so it becomes a thing for practicing improvisation. But don;t take my word, try it yourself

This percolated up recently during a skype conversation with Kim Cofino about presentations I am lining up for her school this March. She mentioned they had a speaker last year who used it! So I am curious if/how its being used.

I have some ideas in motion to convert it into a WordPress theme; which would allow anyone who can install WordPress have their own site, but more than that, it would allow iterations to be saved, and commented on.


I did add a new capability that you can save the parameters (flickr tag, number of images, and how long they appear on screen) as a URL that you can re-use or share.

I have something super crazy lined up for Friday’s talk., it’s a bit daring if I say so myself.

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