2013/365/47 Vacation Lost
cc licensed (BY) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Today I helped a friend cart some stuff to the Buckhead Mesa dump, located between Payson and Pine.

We were struck by seeing snapshots scattered on the ground at the base of this junk pile, how someone dumped photo memories. Who’s photos are they? Why trashed?

This one suggests a lost vacation, my first guess was somewhere in the Alps.


But I took a screen shot of just the photo and ran it through Google Image search, and came up with match among photos labeled Swift Current Lake in Glacier National Park. Some more digging nailed the location as Many Glacier Hotel.

It’s hard to imagine who would toss a memory.


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  1. Wow. How sad. Recognized that hotel immediately – having stayed there a bunch of times with the fam. We have pics from that very vantage point (the parking lot…which requires a hike up a huge hill just to get to your car – hence forever named ‘Parking Lot Mountain’ by my kids. :-) Our memories of the place are so sweet I can’t imagine tossing such pics.

  2. My parents are in the process of purging everything they own and selling their house. They bought a motor home and will live a nomadic life, at least for a few years. Part of that process is having 60+ years of photos scanned and making sure several people have digital copies. Then most of the pictures will be thrown away. But they won’t really be gone.

    1. That’s a good reminder, Jenny, not everything thrown away is discarded. I was struck by the juxtaposition of finding someone’s memory fragment among the discards that we pile up in garbage dumps.

      What your parents are doing is generating future memories, that is a good thing. What a grand adventure!

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