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That Special ds106 Valentine Moment

Just put the phone away, will ya?

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

This one is for the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge a rather special one since it was former ds106 student Sara K who sent this out as a challenge last year. It’s only fitting with Valentines Day tomorrow t put it through the ds106 treatment, this assignment is required of all my students for this week in visual storytelling.

The task?

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and stumbled across a postcard pack labeled “Unbridled Passion” by Franco Accornero. It’s a collection of 30 different postcards from an artist who has painted more than 5,000 romance novel covers (as well as westerns, thrillers and sci-fi books). The postcards are really ridiculous on their own, but I thought for this Valentine’s day I would make them even funnier but adding my own captions.

That’s where the 2012 Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge for #ds106 comes into play: I challenge you to make your own captions for these postcards! You can use any photo editor or the Aviary one built right into flickr to add the caption.

Download one blank card from my flick set and add a caption that raises the love spirit to a new level. In addition to writing it up on your blog, when you post yours to flickr include the tag ds106valentine so we can assemble them all into giant virtual card set.

I chose romance-8 because of the obvious intensity of the lovers but in a way, they looked kind of distracted, as if they were watching their mobile devices in their other hand.

Yes, we are taking all of the Hallmarkian sugar coated romance out of the day.

I have a photoshop template I have used on other assignments that has the text broken out as separate layers. I fished around twitter for an account for a sports fan and a popular tv show and wrote messages as if they were BFF with each of the lovers.

Ah, romance.


Some creepy dolls are so damn hard to please:

Can’t you see how I feel, Tina?

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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