Something to unclog the CogDogBlog Blog Clog… both of these were made on the long trip back from Hong Kong.


I wish I had talked more to the guy who makes the naan at United World College East Campus in Singapore, or at least, gotten his name. Every day, blissfully, he whipped together these luscious slaps of soft Indian naan. Each day of the three I visited school I had this for lunch. If you did not get there before the rush, the line was loooooong.

Gotta make the naan, gotta make the naan, gotta make the naan…

This one was a short video clip captured on my iPhone imported into Photoshop as a .mov – I reviewed the imported 34 frames and reduced it to 15 to try and keep the file size lower.

naan gif

I added the text layer in frame 11. By default Photoshop makes it visible in all frames, so I selected frames 1-4 in the animation window, and then de-activated the visible button in the frames layer. I nudged the text upward, and added the Outer Glow layer effects- this only affects the one frame, so to make it match, I make the text frame active in the layers, select frames 11-15 in animation, and from the animation window palette, select Match Frame Across Layers:

match layer

By deselecting “visibility” it keeps the text layer invisible in layers 1-10.

In this way, I get the text appearing only in the last 5 frames.

Gotta make the naan, gotta make the naan, gotta make the naan…

Next up, take a ride on the Sushi Train from a place I grabbed dinner in a mall in Singapore, gotta eat in the mall, gotta eat in the mall, gotta eat in the mall…


I deleted a heap of frames to trim the size down, the direction of it seems to be switching, but it really was all going right to left.

Gotta gif the sushi, gotta gif the sushi, gotta gif the sushi…

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