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The next phase of closing down the Feed2JS service is done (the lights go out on the server by June 2, 2013). In a sort of reclaim effort, I moved the home of the code from Google Code to github.

I am extremely green behind the ears with github, but have been wanted to understand and experience the shared environment first hand for a while. I basically set up a repository, and pushed a copy of the current code there. I found Konrad Lawson’s series on profhacker a very gentle way to get started — and I was impressed with the codeschool interactive lesson on trygit.

Here’s the new home for feed2js code


I hope to move the source code for some of my other projects here soon.

The next step is to set up instructions on how to intall it on your own server, with the info for setting it up so only domains you designate can use it as well as a list of alternative services that can replace Feed2JS. A personal instance of Feed2JS can easily run on any shared web host, and I hope to experiment with an AMI package to run on Amazon EC2. Maybe.

Then I will be adding a notice link to the bottom of all output feeds (along with instructions on how to suppress the message).

I am still sure many sites wont notice, but the script will spin to oblivion after the end of May. I may point the domain to github or it may just fall off to my DNS host for a while. I’m keeping the domain. Unless someone wants to make a sweet offer for it.

For what it’s worth, I did some searching to find similar free services, there are plenty of options, including 2 that [cough] [cough] are obviously running [cough][cough] my same code w/o giving credit [cough][cough]. Viva open source! I am not mad, in fact, it makes me think they should pick up some of the traffic.

And I gotta love the name RSS Dog, go dawg go!

Shutting down…

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  1. Perhaps Appfog (formerly PHPfog) could be an option for people as well. I’d be happy to experiment with it and write up some documentation if that is an option. I’ve never had a chance to fool around with Feed2JS but I’d love to help contribute to seeing the code live a further life in as many ways as possible.

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