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ds106 Wants Your Junk Media

Don’t cry! ds106 can help you clean up that hard drive littered with discard media files!

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by confidence, comely.

We want your media leftovers from your ds106 projects, stuff you did not use, things that you may have downloaded and left side, stuff maybe you made and did not finish. There is a use for it. My students already contributed their stuff for last week’s assignment.

Do not let those mp3s, pngs, gifs, mp4s just sit there and rot, bring them to the ds106 Media Recycle Yard. We sort them, clean them up, and will make them available starting April 14 for one of our Remix assignments. That’s right, we challenge you to sift through the pile (currently at 118 items) and create a new story out of them.

Here’s how. Just upload them to the drop box at (the password is “photos4life”). Look for an assignment posted for my UMW students on April 14.

It’s as hip as Sanford and Son…

Make Art our of Junk, Damnit! That’s what we do around here.

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