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More Stories, Please?

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On May 15th I am bringing a new round of Amazing True Stories of Openness to the Yavapai College Summer Institute and guess what? I WANT MOTE STORIES!

A few people said they would do these last time, and fell short. Shall I name names?

Again the call

Have you ever had an amazing unexpected outcome from something that you shared online? or just made a connection through open networks with someone that you would have not otherwise been able to do?

I am looking for more examples to add to my collection but not for me, it’s so I can share with others. See for stories gatherered so far and the call for stories

Keep the open web alive, full of magic and wonder

If you are a teacher using the internet in any way, connecting with other teachers through blogs and social media, all you energized ETMOOCers, students who are connecting with world experts, talking to astronauts (ahem Donna Fry) — tell me a story!

It’s crazy simple, Sit down in fromt of a web cam and tell me a story, post it to youtube/vimeo, shazam, done.

The point is to use your own experience to provide a spark of inspiration to others, like the ones attending my session at Yavapai. Nothing says more of the value fo open sharing than another educators positive experience.

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  1. Right….

    So after I sign these last few hundred report cards I’ll get right on that. Remember that some of us are actually, like, running schools on the side…

    Just kidding – you are on the list, my friend. Deadlines move you up the list so, well, soon!

    So thrilled you want the contribution. Keep collecting!

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