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It is going to be hard to top this headline… but that is the goal of today’s ds106 Daily Create, a writing challenge:

Write a tabloid headline for ds106 and the opening sensational paragraph

Tabloids, oh yeah. My all time favorite headline was “Female Bigfoot Tried to Love Me” — but that’s another story. Today’s ‘loids are bringing astonishing news

Pearson to Acquire Digital Storytelling Course for $106 Million

July 15, 2013 ““ Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, is today announcing the acquisition of Digital Storytelling aka ds106 from University of Mary Washington or $1o6 million in cash or equivalent in calculus textbooks.

Created in 2011, ds106 is now the world’s leading example of open education in a form that is not the same old lecture and quiz format of competitors. It has enabled 3500 students, teachers, and other internet weirdos (including talking dolls and dead mountain men) to create, publish, and distribute, from a digital space they own, more than 30,000 blog posts, videos, animated GIFs on the open web and benefit from several powerful growth trends including user-generated content, social media and internet syndication technologies.

As with many things, I start with an example, by googling Pearson Acquisition News and landing on Pearson to acquire Author Solutions, Inc for $116m — and just riffing from there.

More quotes from this story:

New Pearson VP of Animated GiFs James Groom is quoted as saying, “This is the most logical extension of our hard work that it can only be truly world animated at a scale beyond our dreams”¦. Has anyone seen my Lear Jet? I am due on the set”¦”

with photographic coverage of the deal being made:

Jim Groom closes the $106 Million deal...

Jim Groom closes the $106 Million deal…

This photo was the work of a little editing of a flickr cc licensed image by thinkpanama with my own photo of the new VP

If you want to get on board with the Daily Create, and avoid being made a butt end of my future work, step right into the fray of the ds106 Daily Create Challenge:

Just see how my UMW student from Fall 2012, Melinda is in the mix:

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  1. Love it! You caught the very spirit of the education acquisition press release, Alan. Might I humbly suggest that you had the requisite paragraph summing up Pearson’s motivation for the acquisition? Oooh, the mind twirls with the satirical possibilities.

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