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Six days in the July 2013 Daily Create Challange, 6 done. The challenge is simple- try to do as many Daily Creates as you can. No shame or MOOC dropout apologies if you don;t do the am all. The only apologies to be made are if you do zero. Because doing nothing gets you nowhere.

Today’s was a photographic challenge

Do a Backlit Portrait Photograph (e.g. into the light, make yourself a silhouette)

This is an enjoyable one because it says go against the grain of typical photographic advice (which is advised for mostly good reasons), to take a photo into the light. Donr well, you get interesting silhouettes, and maybe some sun patterns and stars, In fact, you really cannot always predict what you get. The trick is, getting an exposure that is not too washed out. I try this by making the object partly block the direct light, or severely under underexposing.

I waited late in the day, 4:30pm, but that means good setting sun. I really did like another shot of my sunflowers, because of the way the light glistens off the edges

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

But I made “Spike” my Daily Create. he is a bot of whimsical lawn art my sister sent years ago, the window blows a fan and makes spikes leg and tail run. He has quite the gallery of photos for a metal dog.

I actually pulled his pole out of the ground to hold up higher into the sun, catching a nice sunburst off his front leg. And a large-ish aperture (low number) blurred the detail of the clouds and trees in the background nicely.

If you are going to do this challenge, you are going to have to run with the dogs.

Don’t worry, we are playful! Speaking of which, for your dog fun pleasure, check out the Dog Goldberg Machine

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