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Today’s ds106 Daily Create is another photo challenge – “Make a photo pairing of your neatest and messiest spaces”

These are both images of my spare bedroom/office. I keep one side neat for guests, but the desk is my clutter space of tech tools, cable modems, routers, and more. I know exactly where everything is.

Both photos were taken with the iphone and made into a collage with the Diptic app.

This is the 7th day of a challenge to try and do as many ds106 Daily Creates as you can.

The response so far has been decent. Looking back to the open of the challenge, we had response rates for that last week of June. In this first week, we have nearly quadrupled the participation rate from Before Challenge 2.6 to During Challenge of 10.2

(see the chart gunk at full size)

(see the chart gunk at full size)

Again, this is commendable, yet we have a long list back at HQ of people we know who are fully capable of doing at least a few Daily Creates, even Dean Shareski crawled out of his nap cage to do a video:

What about you? Where is your creativity napping this month? Wake it up! Sergeant Hulka is knocking at your door, and he is looking for peanut butter sandwiches in your foot locker.


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