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Today’s ds106 Daily Create was a drawing one

Today is the Eighth of July. Make an artistic drawing using only figure eights

I’m to blame for this one- wanted to avoid an American bias for July 4 so why not make the eighth the focus?

This was a free form doodle on the iPad with the Paper 53 app one I have enjoyed tinkering with to get over my mantra of I Cannot Draw.

There’s some mixture of the mild rain and grey clouds that I did as a background with the brush plus it has mixed with the brightness of my flowers represented in the colors of the 8 shapes. I was hoping to play with the idea of the 8 being rotated to become a symbol of infinity.

It was fascinating to see that Sandy Brown Jensen used the same app and drew a similar shape

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Sandy Brown Jensen

Great minds/artists creating alike!

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