Today’s ds106 Daily Create was a video challenge– I expect the weak to fall away. Videos are not all that big deal, and properly planned, they can be a one take shoot and upload, easily done from a smart phone.

For today we had to forecast ourselves into the future looking back:

It is your 100th Birthday. Tell us a story of a crazy thing you did when you turned 90.

I think I made this one up as well…

On my 100th birthday, I am lamenting the loss of the internet, but still able to remember a Grand Canyon adventure the decade before.

But when I hit 90, I was still doing the Daily Create every day; on April 27, 2053, that would be TDC1508! I figuref that out for real, but calculating how many days between July 9, 2013 and April 27, 2053 — which turns out to be 14,538, and add that to the TDC number today (548), and you get the exact future Daily Create tag.

I actually sat in a real rocking chair for my video. I wanted it dark- the iPhone is propped up on top of my couch, and I had only a single lamp on opposite side of the room. I did import it into iMovie, and tweaked the colors to be contrasty and dropped the saturation to make it black and white. To garble my voice, I applied the Shortwave Radio effect, and added some foley sounds from the library as weird background noise (a clock chiming, walkie-talkie communication sounds).

The extra editing perhaps stretched this one to be about 45 minutes of production time.

Damn, I will miss the internet in 2063!

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  1. Alan,
    I thought this was a great assignment, and seven videos were posted. That’s not bad from appears to be a current pool of about nine. Your crazy special effects certainly add that crusty old miner effect; very creative and fun!

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