Things can be right in front of you and you miss something completely. That’s the beauty, at least one of them, in a place we share things. More eyes, more perspective.

Yesterday’s ds106 Daily Create was to make a monster out of your kitchen items. Given my old cheap coffee maker died that very morning, I hung some things off it, and came up with a not so clever title for the photo of “ineffectual Coffee Maker”. Done.

maker coffee

I forgot about it- until Stenfanie Jeske, who has been consistent for maybe a year as an open online participant in ds106 saw what I overlooked and commented:

Looks like Darth Vader ;)

Of course! The shape of the lid mimicking the hood of Vader, that Chrome plate in the middle looking like his mouth piece. How did I not see that?


Revise, meet “Darth Maker”

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

“You underestimate the Power of the Dark Bean”

Other eyes can help a lot. That’s what learning in the open provides. It is always good to have but one more reminder. Again.

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