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Back when he made sense, Clay Shirky uttered a clever definition “Social software is stuff that gets spammed.”

which, now, in my own brain space, find that ds106 is not “stuff that gets splogged” (What is a splog?)


In reviewing the insides of the ds106 syndication engine, where all those posts flow into a giant vat, I have noticed at least 4 times, that the blogs that were used by students in the Sumer 2012 class=-= were now posting about carpet cleaners, hair products, floor wax…

spam kevin

What I have found is that at least 4 of these blogs, let expired by ds106 students, have been purchased by.. some entity, and repurposed as splogs, aiming to get their stuff inside ds106 (?)

This is easy to de-activate in Feedwordpress, and to me, it’s a bit of an interesting sigh when one relinquishes a domain. And if the sploggers are targeting ds106 to inject their low cholesterol posts?


Well, that means something too. In a way, I am rather proud of this.

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