Since this week in headless ds106 is an exploration of what digital storytelling means, and what happens when it is digital– it might by interesting to participate in the third iteration of a story that plays out in realtime on the web. mainly through twitter– Twitter vs Zombies, happening September 13-15:

Welcome to the third round of Twitter Vs. Zombies. Part flash-mob. Part Hunger-Games. Part Twitter-pocalypse. Part digital feeding frenzy. Part micro-MOOC. Part giant game of Twitter tag. This iteration of the game was built to serve, in part, as a networked icebreaker for the participants of Open Online Experience 2013 “” but the game is open to anyone on the Internet.

Twitter vs. Zombies, or #TvsZ, is a game played on Twitter designed to demonstrate virtual community and teach new media literacy. For the three days of the game, you will have a built-in community on Twitter ready to answer your questions and construct a narrative with you. The game is made by all of our contributions, small and large.

Maybe some folks want to participate, or make some media that leverages the theme… You do have to sign up on the TvsZ site.

I’ve played the last two rounds, and it is a unique experience. The first time, I had signed up but not really read the rules, and managed to die in the first round because I was visiting my sister and not paying attention. But because this is open ended storytelling, you can try and subvert the rules (I probably failed) — I tried to run counter to the zombie storyline and proffered a Zombies for Peace movement. To their credit, the game designers folded it in, though I am not sure peace was obtained.

But the point is, as an open ended live story/activity, there is room to try and change the rules, or introduce the unexpected element.

And at least now, they have more instructional materials than my first fail — this new tutorial video is not only helpful, it is well done as a video that captures the genre of the game

I have to admit I don;t find zombies all that interesting, they are so one dimensional, list lumbering around, and easily swatted with a 2×4. They are always the same, just assembling in masses, trying to get them to join their MOOC lifestyle. Don’t just be a zombie!

So who else would be better to deal with zombies than the headless ds106ers? Or pigeons?

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by Robert S. Digby

Let’s show ’em some stuff!

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  1. I like the concept of a collective, open-ended storytelling adventure online such as that you describe. It also sounds mentally fragmenting, and I’m pretty protective of the directions my bandwidth is allowed to fracture during vacation.

    I am also not interested in zombies in sort of the same way I’m not interested in gifs–although my affection for gifs has grown as I have built an associative context thanks to you. 🙂

    I didn’t realize DS 106 Headless had begun already. I don’t go back to school until essentially Oct. 1, so I’m still la-dee-da-ing around in vacation mode. I guess I’d better start checking in and seeing what’s shakin’!

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