Without a doubt, the Mozilla Festival held last week in London was the most atypical conference I have ever attended. It was sensory overload, frenetic, lot of caffeine and rah rah, and more.

See if you can find me, Waldo…

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Mozilla in Europe

But mostly, it was something I yammered about for years- to go to a conference where we do not just talk about doing stuff, but where we do stuff there. See some examples of stuff that was made (by others).

Yet for all that, I probably did more random session dropping, and listening, and meeting. I had fun one after sitting at the same table as Erik and Adam from Wreck and Salvage, makers of crazy remix videos (I know I have used one of their videos but cannot remember where or what). They were teaching people how to do simple GIF remixes in Mozilla Popcorn, with the idea of taking audio from David Attenborough and syncing them to weird GIS from giphy (now a search option in Popocorn when looking for media).

I made a rather tiny one called “Minced Meat”

One of the Popcorn developers, Jacob, was around the table for a while too. I bounced the idea of doing a version of one of the techniques I like talking about in ds106 when we get into reading film, the way Alfred Hitchcock describes the method of film cuts

My idea was to make a Popcorn where GIFs could be inserted- this is a bit literal, and still has the annoying bit of Popcorn stutter on loading the clip

And thanks Brett Gaylor for reminding me this has a fancy film technique name

I might add that we do have in the ds106 Assignment bank Do The Hitchcut and the Kuleshov Technique.

I have another Thimble based game idea I’d like to assemble.

I’ve got some more stuff to write up, but have a sunny do now to go see a copy of FoamHenge

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

but at least I have a big batch of MozFest photos

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