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Image Seek: A Mozilla Thimble Make

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by maury.mccown While many people do seem to know of the Mozilla Foundation’s efforts to Teach the Web, at the same time, many don’t. Besides a great set of tools (Thimble, Popcorn Maker, X-Ray Googles) they are building out a raft of resources, teaching kits and […]

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Remix Cory’s Mood Room with Mozilla Thimble

While finishing up the code and remix for Cory’s Mood Room it dawned on me that this could be something put into Mozilla Thimble so other people could change the content or even use their own images to do the same colorizing effect (see the original version at http://lab.cogdogblog.com/cory/). Here is a screen shot of […]

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MozFest Makes

Without a doubt, the Mozilla Festival held last week in London was the most atypical conference I have ever attended. It was sensory overload, frenetic, lot of caffeine and rah rah, and more. See if you can find me, Waldo… cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Mozilla in Europe But mostly, it […]

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#MoPoCoPa is Mom Powered Comment Patrol

We know comments on YouTube are bad. Really bad. And what are the great minds and engineers at Google doing? Bubkhas. Therefore, a small distributed group of technical savvy pissed off Mom’s have developed a new internet protocol invoked by calling #MoPoCoPa. With reverse geolocation DNA gene tracking database realtime quadro facto lookup, an offending […]

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Photos in a Photo Stories: a Thimble Make

Another Mozilla Webmaker make created with Thimble, actually this was just a test version I was trying out to see what kind of advanced interactions Thimble could do since they added Javascript functionality. The idea is to have larger photo with complexity within, and use a virtual “camera” viewfinder to make a series of snapshots […]

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I Found a Camera in Popcorn

This is my second of makes as a Mozilla Web Maker Fella, my first was the Thimble creating yourself as an ingredients lable. I actually was intending to do another idea in popcorn, and was just checking out an example Brett Gaylor shared to understand how you can embed a set from flickr. I was […]

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Thimbling a Can of Beans

I spent nearly most of my day working to design a label for a can of beans… UPDATE: Nov 25, 2013: Wowzers! I see about 30 different remixes of this project… This was created/published with Mozilla Thimble, my first full go with this web-based tool for working with web page code where you see your […]