I really prefer being behind the camera, but when I visited Jonathan Worth in November, how could I refuse his offer to have my portrait taken? I mean he is a pro photographer, and does his craft via a medium format film camera?

Yes, Jonathan, I like it! I really really like it. It wont replace my faithful dog social media icon, but this will be the one I send when conferences and publications and the MacArthur Foundation (dreaming, checking that mailbox daily) ask for one.

I just got my copies, and even a proof sheet. These are eminently GIF-able, later….



Sure it took a bit longer than my digital 😉

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

But so worth it! (get it?)

UPDATE (just 2 hours later): Lucky as a dog me, John Johnston made the GIF for me, GIFACHROME style!


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  1. Jonathan caught the lurking humor at the faintest corners of your mouth as well as the cool intelligence in the right eye and the passionate observer in the left.

    The honesty of black and white somehow showcases and celebrates your ethnicity in a calm, powerful way.

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