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I’m slinging the axe, and going deep into the mine, building a new syndication site for my colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University. It’s a bit under wraps, or so I guess, so I can be deliberately vague.

But the idea is to document what we are doing, even if vague, as we do it. Syndicate it in. Mix it up. Spin it back out.

The key word is… thought vectors

So far all you find for that is comic bubbles.

ImageQuilt 2014-07-03 at 4.55.08 PM

By the way, that image aboce? a google image search? Saved to an image easy with Image Quilts (go with Tufte).

Is this some sort of lorem ipso mumbo jumbo?

You betchya.

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    1. No secrets. No store. I think Gardner was just making sure all the right people know before reading about it on the Internet.

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