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Thought Vectors Code Guts, Part Deux

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by cszar If you thought the last post on Under the Hood of the Thought Vectors Site was a gory on code, maybe click next. But for my own sake, some more write-ups of more recent twiddlings. Got RAND() Post? A trick I have used on […]

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As We May Nugget

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog This is my second or third reading of Vannevar Bush’s essay As We May Think, having done so before in Gardner Campbell’s New Media Seminar. In the spirit of Associative Trailing, I tracked down on the NMC archived web site a podcast Gardner and […]

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Under the Hood of Thoughtvectors.net

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Holbrook

Now that the Thought Vectors site is out and running (36 blogs syndicating in, 11 of them from registered students, not bad for the day before class starts), it’s time for a bit more of the techie WTF does that do post, in line with previous posts on such syndication hub sites.

WARNING: This post is long and full of jargon. I would like to explain it in a style to be universally understood, but life on this planet is only so long. And hey, did you think I was writing thix blog all these years for you? Silly reader, this writing is for me me ME ME.

How to Syndicate, Nate (Make a new Feed, Reed…)

In response to the idea that a flow of posts from a large community is more than anyone can digest, I’d been contemplating following up on Martin Hawksey’s brilliant work on the octel site and others to make something more like Google Reader (RI) (/me shakes fist and curses at Google, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL). My interest in being able to do this clouded what Gardner Campbell reminded me, smacks head on table- a Feed Reader is not a beautiful site, one that leverages the media and payout of sites that get people interested in reading.

So less than two weeks ago, Tom Woodward and I got on a Google Hangout and started going through themes they already had available– they have a subscription to Woo Themes. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with modern WordPress themes- they have come with a huge amount of overhead to make admin interfaces. I counted and one I used for another project had over 250 files in it- the crusty old Headspace theme here has like 35. They also can make it hard to do customization (let me tell you how inelegant Elegant themes are).

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The Thought Vectors Actualization Machine

The lights are on, flashing, and content is spinning around. On Friday afternoon, Tom Woodward flicked the server lights on a site we have been co-building over the last few days, maybe 2 weeks. We were able to use a staging server on wpengine which meant we had a public facing “coming soon” site, and […]