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Thoughtvector Selfies

Tom Woodward and I pressed the liftoff button a few hours ago and set out the Thoughtvectors open course site into the web breeze. We have been making a lot of iconic use of the classic Doug Engelbart photo (circa 1968) where he is making an emphatic point: So.. we not have some fun and […]

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Vectoring The #Thoughtvectors

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Harry Scheihing I have no idea if this image has any meaning here. It’s fun. Or scary. Or just wrong. In which Alan finds that searching flickr for creative commons licensed images tagged “vector: gets alot of people’s efforts at graphic design with Illustrator, […]

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Down in the Mine Looking For Vectors

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Jack Zalium I’m slinging the axe, and going deep into the mine, building a new syndication site for my colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University. It’s a bit under wraps, or so I guess, so I can be deliberately vague. But the idea is to document […]