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Eleven in Blog Years

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Yikes, I missed my own blog birthday yesterday. This pile of typos, rants, and code jabbering started on April 19, 2003 with I Blog, Therefor I Am. This first post, which also defines the source of the name of this space, was posted using MoveableType running on an XServe at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

All of those are gone, the blog migrated to WordPress 2 years later, the Xserve is offline and who knows where, and all of my Maricopa web sites have been pulled offline. Thank you WayBack Machine for the WayBack to the site the day I left.

If you want stats, that is 4,019 Posts- somehow that averages to 365.4 posts per year, which is crazy, as it suggests I have blogged every day for eleven years.

Well, I will have 2 today and it’s only noon.

What got my looking was not my own vanity check, but after marveling at a genuine comment from a non-bot human I was curious about my first comment.

I first scrolled back to the first page of 15,319 Comments, thinking that would get me to comment numero uno. Appropriately enough, that comment was associated with a post describing Brian Lamb’s visit to Maricopa — because it was Brian’s first Abject blog which was a key for inspiring me to start.

That first comment was a pingback to Bruce Landon’s Weblog For Students — April 6, 2005. That it still works is because of people who believe in keeping the web intact, thanks Dave Winer for keeping the lights on at Radio UserLand Community.

And even more fitting since I met Bruce on perhaps the first invited presentation in my career, a 1996 (?) trip to Douglas College in Vancouver. I wonder how Bruce is doing, again, he his set of web tracks are still there at (no tilde space, eh Jim Groom?).

But that was not the first comment (probably some aspect of having imported Moveable Type later? I don;t know). The first comment has ID 2 in the database (I wonder now about the first one, I bet it was the “This is a Comment” one that came with WordPress installs).

This comment came in at May 6, 2003 at 12:51 pm from, again appropriately, someone named M Ford but with a handle of “dog blogger”

Hello, cogdog

“As for the next part, there is nothing more reliable, loyal, and playful as a dog, and that is how the web should be (unfortuantely it seems full of dog crap”¦.”

agreed”¦ here’s my take on it:

thanks for the info on Stephen’s web”¦ very useful

I like your good dog, bad dog categories”¦


dog blogger

M Ford

And again, the old link still lives on radioland– 101 Crazy things you can do with dog poop from February 11, 2003.

Lest you think this is overly self referential navel gazing… why yes it is. Hey, I even found some lint.

But because I have 11 years of narrating my work, ideas, I can tell you for almost any day. time in the last 11 years what I was working on, what I was thinking about, what was bugging me, who was influencing me.

I say good luck with getting that out of Facebook/twitter/Google+ in 2025, when I will be blogging the 22nd birthday of this blog.

Good luck, indeed.

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  1. I once had a verbose parrot who could warble, as he would to you now, “Happy Birfdayoh!”

    Most of the time I know what you’re talking about–although the typos you’re so proud of sometimes slow me down & force a momentary backtrack!–but sometimes I truly get lost.

    What does “With what seems like 95% of the comments that squiggle through Akismet to the moderation queue still spammy, it seems almost like your first blog comment when a legitimate one comes through (as most online conversations slither down the vat of twitter/facebook/google+ spaces).”


    1. Maybe I need a close captioning service, Sandy. Some things make sense to me when writing, but it gets garbled going from the brain to the fingers.


      Most of my blog comments are spam and diverted by the Akismet plugin. But the ones it does not catch are nearly always spam. So when a real comment from a real person comes through, it makes me feel as giddy as the day I got my first comment. In the meantime, most people give feedback in places (like facebook, twitter, google+) that seem to just flow away in a torrent.


  2. I just want to to comment on your celebration of your eleven years of blogging and note how glad I have been to be here for at least some of it, and how much I hope I will be here for a lot more.

    In years to come, after Facebook, after Google, after Flickr (long after flickr) CogDogBlog will be here.

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