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Stick a Fork in that Assignment Bank Theme

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Given a smooth rollout (as far as I can tell) for the Connected Learning MOOC Make Bank, I’m wrapping for now the work on the ds106 Assignment Bank WordPress Theme, having just updated the internal options documentation and the github Readme.

The project that at one time I thought might take one or two months, starting back in August 2012, took almost 10 (a lot of off and on, mostly off). I’ve tagged all the related posts on this blog as 106bank.

You can find everything to make your own bank at, as unwieldily as it looks, I know of at least 3 or 4 running instances. So far, I am the lone githubber, so it has not been much of a fork and play game there. That hardly means the code is too elegant more likely the opposite, too incoherent.

This doesn’t mean its quite done. Mostly when people get an idea for it, they are thinking of it in a way I never did. Working with Karen and Brad on this for the CLMOOC has been an enlightening experience.

And confirms among things I don’t want to be is a software developer.

Some things that I thought about adding and might or might not add:

  • A way to add a header image using the WordPress theme editor, it sure likes nice on the CLMOOC Bank.
  • Refine the icon CSS- getting that CSS and responsive thang to work was a lot of sweat lost.
  • Recode the custom post types to circle our of using “assignments”; it’s probably trivial. I thought there were some places that would cause an issue, but now I cannot….
  • Create a way to generate an embed code so people could make an Assignment/Thing appear in another site
  • Create a way for people to create collections or playlists of Assignments/Things that could then be shared.
  • Speaking of that, I am not sure why I have not added a “tweet/facebook/G+1” this functionality.

I better stop that’s enough.

Fork please… I just want to cross this one off of the big list.

Of course I did have grandiose plans of generalizing the ds106 Daily Create too.

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