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Not Quite Elves at the North Pole

I could not help myself but remix when I saw the tweet by Tim Maughan (actually retweeted by @savasavasava)

Mostly through sava’s tweets, I’ve gathered Tim is on some expedition, by freighter ship, to China, to get to the source of those shiny things on our store shelves. According to his original video, filmed today, How the magic of Christmas is made, he got an inside view of Yiwu Hangtian Arts and Crafts Co, Ltd – “to see how Christmas decorations to be exported to the US and Europe are made.”

It took about 32 seconds of searching in You Tube to find a copy of the 1932 cartoon Santa’s Workshop, which makes for, I think, a fascinating side by side video.

I’ll leave the conclusions up to the viewer.

This was pretty easy to assemble in iMovie, just dropped in the longer video by Tim into the second track (the new iMovie makes this so much easier), and selecting the side by side option. I did not even fiddle to align any parts of the movies, I think they tend to do it well.

Maybe the trickiest part was fiddling with the closing titles to get them on one side.

Thanks for the great video, Tim. I was easily haunted by repeated hand assembling of these knick knacks. Yeah, it’s that kind of world we live in.

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